A Quinceañera Mass is a special ocassion in the life of a young girl and her family. Although a Quinceñera is not a Sacrament, it does involve a preparation process that we follow, at Our Lady of Grace, to make the celebration focused on the faith.

Keep in mind:

  1. The process to petition a Quinceañera Mass begins 4 months before the preferred date. Applications turned in after the 4 month mark will not be considered.
  2. The pastor is the only one who confirms the date, as confirmation of such date depends on various factors. You must turn in all documents and a completed application to the Parish Office before the Pastor can confirm a date.
  3. The girl must be enrolled in either: a) a Youth program in any Parish or b) a Confirmation program in any Parish. A signed letter from the Parish where she is enrolled in the Youth program or Confirmation program, must be presented to the Parish Office at the time of application.
  4. Quinceañera Masses at Our Lady of Grace are celebrated on Saturdays ONLY. No Sundays or weekdays are available.
  5. When turning in the application, you must also turn in copies of Baptism and First Holy Communion certificates. If the girl has not completed First Holy Communion, the Mass will still be celebrated but the presider will not give Communion to the girl.
  6. A permission letter from your local church is also required. This must be presented to the office if the quinceañera’s family are not registered in the Parish or do not live in Encino. This is for jurisdiction purposes only.

Donation Breakdown:

Parishioners: $500Non-Parishioners: $750
Music: $200 (per musicians)Coordinator: $200

Ready to start your process?

Click on the button below to download the requirements and application for Quinceañera Masses.

Donation Method:

You may pay via cash, check (at the Parish Office) or online. Checks should be made payable to Our Lady of Grace. Online donation: click on the button below. On the notes section, please add the name of the quinceañera and the date of your confirmed Mass. Use the online option to make your donation to the Church ONLY. Donations to the musicians and to the coordinator should be made to them directly. Cash is preferred.