Through the Sacrament of marriage a man and a woman’s life are united to produce much fruit and enrich the Church through their future family, gifts and service. Thank you for choosing Our Lady of Grace as your preferred Parish to celebrate your wedding.

Important things to keep in mind:

  1. The prenuptial preparation requires a minimum of 6 months to complete, before your wedding date. We do not accept applications that do not abide by this rule.
  2. Weddings at Our Lady of Grace are celebrated on Saturdays ONLY. No Sundays or weekday weddings are available.
  3. The prenuptial process does not start until the couple turns in to the office a complete application and all initial supporting documents. Both, the bride and the groom must present their Sacramental file, which includes copies of Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation certificates.
  4. If you or your fianc├ę are not registered parishioners or live in Encino, then you must submit a Parish Permission Letter from your local church, even if you don’t attend that Church. This is for jurisdiction purposes only.
  5. The date of your wedding is confirmed by the preparing priest on the first prenuptial interview. There are a total of 4 during the process.
  6. The couple must complete a prenuptial retreat. One-day and weekend options are available. For one-day options please click here. For weekend options, please click here.
  7. A Natural Family Planning course is required. Information on how to complete this course will be given to you on your second prenuptial meeting.
  8. A FOCCUS exam is also required. Information on how to complete this exam will be given on your first interview.
  9. We understand that not all couples and situations are the same. If you have special circumstances and desire to marry in the Catholic Church, please email us at This includes but is not limited to: those who have have received an annulment from previous marriages, those who have not received an annulment from previous marriages (applies to Catholic AND civil marriages); couples in which either the bride or groom is not Catholic, and those wanting to prepare with us but are getting married elsewhere.

Donation Breakdown:

Parishioners: $500Non-parishioners: $750
Music: $200 (per musician)Coordinator: $200
Prenuptial Preparation ONLY: $350

Ready to start your prenuptial process?

Click on the button below and download the full list of requirements and application.

Ways of making your donation:

Cash or check. Checks should be made payable to Our Lady of Grace. Online platform: use the button below. On the notes section please make sure to detail your name and wedding date. Please, only submit the donation to the church using the online platform. Donations to the musicians or the coordinator must be submitted to them personally. Upon completion of your online donation, please email your receipt to