Religious education/first holy communion

Through First Holy Communion, a life receives the Body and Blood of Christ. We truly believe that this Sacrament bears an important and everlasting impact.

Important things to consider:

Due to the importance of the Sacrament a child who wishes to receive Christ in the Holy Eucharist needs to prepare for 2 years by coming to catechism. Enrollment for the new year opens every Summer and classes begin in the Fall.

This year we are debuting Family Catechesis. Read the Frequentely Asked Questions on the column next to this one and learn more about our program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Catechesis

What is Family Catechesis?

Family Catechesis is a Religious Education, 2-year preparation for children, their parents and siblings. Our objective is to bring whole families closer to the Eucharist, closer to Jesus.

Why are we doing Family Catechesis and not regular children classes?

The family is the domestic church. Following this principle from the Catholic Church and recognizing the need and thirst of God that exists in modern families, we want to provide this preparation so that all members of your family achieve:

  1. An encounter with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar
  2. An enkindled love for the Eucharist
  3. A deeper understanding on the importance of this Sacrament
How long are the classes and how many times do we need to attend?

The families are required to attend twice a month, on Sundays, to the Family Catechesis and Holy Mass. We start with Mass at 9:30 am, followed by the interactive education program especially designed for the whole family.

What is the language of the classes?

The classes are predominantly in English. However, our staff can assist you and explain the requirements in Spanish as well.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the program is divided between the two years of programming. Year 1 costs $120 and $80 for additional siblings. Year 2 costs $160 and $120 per additional sibling.

My child needs Baptism and Holy Communion. What should I do?

If your kid is over 7 years old and wishes to be baptized, then you must enroll in First Holy Communion/Religious Education preparation. Your child will receive the sacrament of Baptism by the end of the first year of religious education.

Ready to enroll your family in Family Catechesis for next year?

Registrations for Family Catechesis for 2023-2024 are NOW CLOSED. New enrollment for 2024-2025 will open on Monday, June 24, 2024.

NOTE*: this is a different process from the Our Lady of Grace school’s Religious Education program available to 2nd grade students only. If your child is going to second grade, please contact Our Lady of Grace School to learn more on how to enroll your child.

For more information or questions about enrolling to Religious Education or First Holy Communion program, contact Elizabeth Oviedo at or

(818) 342-4686 ext. 206 or (213) 948-1597

All parents, children, catechechists are required to be VIRTUS certified, as a measure to protect children against sexual harassment and abuse. If you would like to report inappropriate behavior by an adult, clergy, or staff member, please contact Dr. Heather Banis-Victims Assistance Ministry Coordinator

(213) 637-7650 or